The most basic question: why exercise at all? Most of you probably have your reason, if you decided to open this website, but I bet you are not aware of all benefits regular physical activity can bring to your life. Doesn’t matter if you prefer gym, exercising at home or fresh air activities, it is worth knowing all the benefits.

1. Exercise makes us happier.

ćwiczenia w domuAnyone who has ever run, knows that it makes you feel better. In English, there is even a special term ‘runner’s high’ for that particular state of euphoria when, at the end of your assumed distance, you feel that you could run twice as much. This effect occurs to a greater or lesser extent with all exercises. For someone lifting weights, there is no better feeling than breaking a barrier and lifting a record weight. The positive effect of exercise on our mood can persist long after the end of the exercises, especially if we begin to see the effects of our training not only in well-being, but also in how we look. Regular exercise helps you fight stress and other bad emotions. The stresses of everyday life mean, that anyone who is serious about their mental health, must find some form of activity, that will allow them to break away from what is bothering them. Sport is one of the best ways to fight stress.

2. Exercise lowers the risk of many serious diseases.

Physical activity has a myriad of health benefits:

  • Regular exercise improves heart function and improves circulation. Increased blood supply to organs in our body helps to fuel our entire body better. Thanks to this, we reduce the risk of heart disease, such as too high cholesterol or a heart attack. Regular exercise also helps to lower your blood pressure.
  • Our body is better at regulating sugar and insulin levels, which reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Regular exercise helps strengthen your bones and muscles at an earlier age. In old age, they help slow the loss of bone density and the loss of muscle tissue, so you can stay fit for longer.
  • It reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer or lung cancer and many more.
  • It strengthen immune system.
  • It reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.
  • Being in good shape helps you avoid falls etc.

3. Weight Control.

Scale will not be the scariest item in your house anymore.

Let’s be honest: for most people, this is the number one reason. Nowadays, when we eat more and more junk food, and the main activity of most people during the day is sitting, it is not difficult to gain a few extra pounds. If we want to lose them, it is absolutely crucial that we have a negative caloric balance. We just need to eat fewer calories than we burn. In theory this can be achieved without exercise, with diet alone, but this way is definitely not very enjoyable. First, we lose all the other benefits of exercise. Second, lack of physical activity means that our caloric requirements are low. And we have to get negative! Thanks to exercise, we will increase the caloric deficit, we will be able to eat a little more, and we will enjoy other advantages of regular training. In principle, any exercise will help us lose weight. Even a simple walk a few times a week or simple exercises at home. We will achieve the best results through a good diet combined with a sensible training plan that includes strength and aerobic exercise. If someone does not want to or does not like going to the gym, a good diet can be supported by well-chosen exercises at home. Is it easier or more difficult? It depends on the person, some people find it easier to motivate themselves to go to the gym, for many the convenience of training in a home gym will be unbeatable.

4. Stronger muscle and bones.

Exercise is absolutely crucial for building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. Physical activity related to lifting weights, even when it is just your own body weight, will lead to muscle work and, as a result, strengthen them. If we add an appropriate diet, our body will build additional muscles, as part of regeneration and preparation for future challenges. It is important that training is a strong enough stimulus. This means that we must increase the training intensity on a regular basis to stimulate the body to grow further. As people age, people lose muscle tissue and their bones become weaker and weaker. Exercise can slow down this process.

5. More energy and better mood.

Thanks to exercise, we will have more energy. This is related to all the psychological benefits of exercise, but also to the fact that our performance will increase over time. After some time, climbing the stairs or a longer walk to the store, will stop tiring us as it used to, and we will have more energy for other activities. The positive effect of sport on human energy levels has been proven in many clinical trials, where, for example, people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome were studied. In this and many other studies, regular exercise was found to be one of the best ways to recharge our batteries.

6. Clear thinking and better memory.

Exercise increases your heart rate, which helps to bring more blood, and consequently oxygen, to your brain. Additionally, it can also stimulate the production of hormones essential for the growth of brain cells. Moreover, exercise can reduce the risk of many serious diseases, many of which can affect the brain and our mental abilities. Regular physical activity is important especially for older people. Regular exercise will help slow down the aging process and keep you fit (both mentally and physically) for longer. Regardless of age, we will benefit from the benefits of exercise on our memory. The youngest will benefit the most, but the positive impact of physical activity on improving memory also applies to adults.

7. Full relaxation and better sleep.

Relaxing is important

Regular training helps you fully relax and improves sleep quality. Training 5-6 hours before bedtime increases body temperature. When this temperature drops to normal a few hours later, it signals to the body that it is time to go to sleep. Many of the mechanisms that we want to trigger when exercising, such as muscle growth, actually occur during post-workout recovery. Sleep is the most important point in this regeneration. Good training is simply tiring, and when we are tired, we concentrate less on problems and more on simple matters (eat, drink, rest). For the same reason, a good strenuous workout is also a great sleeping pill. A few hours after the hard exercise we gave ourselves, the eyes close by themselves … Research has found no major difference between strength and aerobic training. Regardless of the type of activity, we can expect an improvement in sleep.

8. Longer and better quality life.

Unfortunately, old age is something awaiting every one of us. It is worth making sure that you enjoy health and good quality of life for as long as possible. Exercising at home can help us stay physically and mentally fit. It is said that stress kills, and there’s hardly a better way to de-stress than good workout.

9. Better skin.

Moderate exercise can have a good effect on the healthy appearance of your skin. Increased blood flow makes our skin more oxygenated and nourished. Skin firmness should improve after just a few weeks of exercise. I bet a lot of people didn’t know a home gym could have this effect. Note that vigorous exercise can have the opposite effect and damage the skin. Unfortunately, this is how it is in life: you cannot have everything.

10. Increase self confidence and determination.

Overcoming your own limits

Everyone who has ever trained, knows what it feels like, when we break our own personal record. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new 5 miles record, beating your best bench press, 10 punds less weight, or something else. We prove to ourselves and others, that we are able to overcome our own limitations and this gives us an amazing kick in other areas of life. One of the main advantages of regular exercise is body improvement. Nowadays, we are bombarded from all sides, with photos and videos full of models. For many people it is a source of stress, because they think, they should look like that too. The truth is that actors often spend months preparing for their roles, under the supervision of personal trainers. Not infrequently, the enhancers they use are not entirely legal… Instagram models are the effect of subordinating your whole life to one thing: good looks (and repeat the shots 100 times, plus a lot of processing in graphic programs). Normal person with a normal life stands no chance against that. Realizing all of this, plus good training and body improvement, will help us to accept our bodies.

Summary – home exercises

If this article convinced you that it is worth doing the exercise, see the other entries on our website. We focus on how to start exercises at home, what equipment to choose and how to organize it all. The essence of knowledge is given in a very brief way in our Introduction. Be sure to also read how not to hurt yourself.